Public Entity Safety and Health.  

  Professional Certificate Program

General Information


The Public Entity Safety and Health certificate is targeted for those working in the public sector. This program is designed to provide a general overview of safety and health topics, as well as a deeper dive into a select group of topics relevant to towns, cities, counties, and other public entities. The PESH certificate is self paced and can be earned as quickly as 6 - 9 months.

To earn this professional designation, simply complete the following stepsk:

  • Take the required courses
  • Select and complete the elective options 
  • Enroll in and pay for the PESH Class
  • Submit application with copies of course completion certificates to
  • OSHA Education Center at ASU will review and issue your Public Entity Safety Certificate 

Courses are taught by the OSHA Education Center instructors who are experts in their fields. Participants hear from industry leaders with real world experience.  OSHA numbered courses may be transferred in from another OTI Education Center*, however we require that at least half of the courses be completed at the OSHA Education Center at Arizona State University. If you have questions regarding the program or the courses please reach out to us. We are happy to discuss them with you.

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